Blown In Fibreglass Attic Insulation

A well insulated and properly ventilated attic will reduce your home's heat loss and save you money on heating & cooling.
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EcoEnergy Retrofit Program

Retrofit Initiatives

The Government of Canada renewed the popular ecoENERGY Retrofit program. From June 6, 2011 until March 31, 2012, homeowners are eligible to receive grants of up to $5,000 to make their homes more energy efficient. Find out more about the insulation rebates here.

Loose Blown Fibreglass Attic Insulation

The same virgin fibreglass blowing wool used in our Blown In Fibreglass Insulation System is also loose blown in attic applications. Loose blown fibreglass is great for new construction and retrofit applications that make your home more energy efficient. Unlike Cellulose, properly installed loose blown fibreglass will not settle. Attic insulation is a big contributor to home heat loss, but it's not the only problem that homeowners and contractors run into.

Attics & Heat Loss

Perfectly insulated attics can still have heat loss, ice dams, and damage caused by inadequate ventilation. Other insulation contractors do not stress the importance of attic ventilation enough. If you don't ventilate properly, water vapour may condense and collect on insulation and rafters. This will reduce the effectiveness of the insulation and could damage the house and roof.

Another big concern when insulating attics are pot lights. Pot lights can be a major source of heat loss if not insulated properly. At Thermo Seal Insulation Systems, we set the standard for attic insulation by taking all of these factors into account when insulating your home or cottage.

Our Promise To You

We will go above and beyond current building standards for attic insulation. An attic insulated by Thermo Seal Insulation Systems will be properly insulated, ventilated, and all known sources of heat loss will be taken into consideration during the quotation and installation process.

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