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Building Codes change from time to time. January 1, 2012 brought major changes for Ontario.
Use this section to stay up to date with local building requirements in Ontario.

Building Code News & Updates

Building Code News

Are you ready for the pending Ontario Building Code changes? What will moving towards EnerGuide 80 levels in insulation mean for you? Let us help you.

Building Code News - January 2012

Whether you're a new homeowner, first time builder or seasoned contractor - this section will provide you with the information you need to stay compliant with building code changes in Ontario.

Changes to Residential Building in Ontario

Homes that are being built with the intention of being occupied year round will need to meet new standards of energy efficeincy in Ontario, if your permit is applied for after December 31, 2011.

Part 12 of the building code is called "SB12 - Resource Conservation" and it intends to do just that. Until now, Part 12 of the building code was optional for builders wanting to provide their customers with a more efficient home and in preparation for things to come.

Complying with Part 12: Resource Conservation

Part 12 of the building code gives three options for compliance: prescriptive, performance and Energy Star built homes. Prescriptive based compliance provides several charts to outline r-values and efficeincy levels that must be met to achieve a rating equivalent to EnerGuide 80. Performance based compliance requires the use of an "approved" software such as HOT2000 to meet the rating of EnerGuide 80.

It's up to you to decide which path of compliance you wish to follow. While there are benefits to both methods, it may be easier to follow the guided outline of the prescriptive option. Doing so will guarantee the results of your home's energy efficiency without having to hire an energy advisor to design the specifications to meet an EnerGuide 80 rating.

One downfall of the prescriptive path if you're building in Muskoka is that we see many waterfront homes that contain more than 22% window coverage. The new code states you cannot use the prescriptive model unless you are able to demonstrate the same energy cost usage as a compliance package modeling 22% window coverage.

If the intended use of your home or cottage is seasonal, then you will need to refer to Part 10 of the Ontario Building Code.

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