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Frequently Asked Insulation Questions

Insulation Removal & Extraction

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What types of insulation do you remove?
We will remove the following types of insulation from an attic: fibreglass batts, cellulose, vermiculite that has been tested, and any other loose blown material. We will not remove any vermiculite that has tested positive for asbestos.
Do I have to remove my existing insulation before a new installation?
No, unless there is a reason to. If there are animal problems (feces, urine) or moisture (mold, mildew) we may recommend removing the existing insulation. Usually we can top up your existing insulation with new insulation to bring the R value up to a recommended level. This will save money because you are making use of what you already have in the attic.
How do you remove the insulation and what do you do with it?
We have an insulation removal machine that uses a powerful vacuum to suck the insulation through a wide hose and into a giant commercial garbage bag. Batt type insulation is removed by hand and put into the same giant commercial size garbage bags.
Who disposes of the insulation?
We take the insulation to the landfill.
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Thermo Seal Insulation Systems has been providing superior service and insulation since 1989.

Eco Spray Foam

We install only the best spray foam available. Foamsulate Eco has the highest rated long term thermal R value and zero ozone depleting substances.

Attic Insulation

The most efficient way to insulate your attic is with loose blown virgin fibreglass and Thermo Seal Insulation Systems.

Blown In Fibreglass

Blown In Fibreglass Insuation has provided energy efficiency, savings, and warmth to thousands of homes.

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